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Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Debbie and this is where I will be sharing my freebie scrap kits, elements, and whatever else comes to mind. My scrap kits are made using PSP X, but will work in PSP 8 and up. I also have a website where I write tag, blend, and scrap tag tutorials. The name of it is Kreative-Expressionz. I love writing PSP tutorials, and am just downright addicted. I had a stroke a three years ago, so how much a make depends on how I'm doing. Please excuse any mispellings or repeats, it was a major stroke, and I am half blind and I can't read, but I can right and use a program for the reading part, but hey that's not even perfect lol. I hope you enjoy what I make as much as I enjoy hearing from you all. Take care now and enjoy :)

Happy Kreating!

IMPORTANT GOOD NOTICE (you all will be happy after you read this:
!!Prarie Sage is in the process of moving things for download from 4share to where you will now be able to do direct downloads. No more waiting or signing in to get what you like in Prarie Sage. All my new downloads are quick downloads. We are working on getting the whole Prarie Sage switched over, but all the work will be well worth it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Zig Zag Freebie

Fall Zig Zag Freebie-PSP Download
Fall Zig Zag Freebie-PSD Download

Hey there,
     I had fun making this. I was watching the fall leaves outside the window and got the idea. I hope you enjoy this freebie. The size of each one is approximately 400x500. Thank you for visiting my site and thanks for all the kudos sent to me. Have a good one!

Hugz :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Boo To You Kit Freebie

Boo To You Kit Freebie-PSP Download
Boo To You Kit Freebie-PSD Download

Hey there everyone,
    Here is a freebie for you. I made it before and added some new to it. I hope there is something in it that you can enjoy. It is 900x800. Here in Wisconsin this is such a beautiful time of year and our tree's are at full fall bloom, it is so so pretty. I hope y'all enjoy what I made. Thank you so so much to those of you that sent greetings on the last download I made, I surely do appreciate it. Have a great day!

Hugz :)