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Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Debbie and this is where I will be sharing my freebie scrap kits, elements, and whatever else comes to mind. My scrap kits are made using PSP X, but will work in PSP 8 and up. I also have a website where I write tag, blend, and scrap tag tutorials. The name of it is Kreative-Expressionz. I love writing PSP tutorials, and am just downright addicted. I had a stroke a three years ago, so how much a make depends on how I'm doing. Please excuse any mispellings or repeats, it was a major stroke, and I am half blind and I can't read, but I can right and use a program for the reading part, but hey that's not even perfect lol. I hope you enjoy what I make as much as I enjoy hearing from you all. Take care now and enjoy :)

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Monday, October 13, 2008

love, love and more love

Hey there y'all. I've come down with the stomach flu, oh yuck! but I'm on the mend. Especially when I saw all the love that was sent in my downloads thingy it just made a heart feel good :) I am so enjoying doing this blog and I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my brain (lots of room to float around in) lol. of ideas for kits, elements and gaphics that I make and will be sharing here. I love making graphics especially country and writing tutorials, but it just so much fun doing the kits and stuff that I don't have to write down each step I do and just play around and be silly. A Big Big thank you to everybody that has been visiting my blog and all the love you've been leaving. Make sure you come back every few days, you never know what I might have here for you hahahaa I'm on a roll, got my mojo up and running full speed ahead lol.
Lots of Love's to y'all,


cjpeterson38 said...

I am sorry you were sick but it looks like you got over it just fine. I think I had the flu about that time also. It wasn't much fun.
God bless you and keep you well.

Sonel said...

Oh, I can just kick myself that I didn't see your blog sooner. Must have missed your previous emails sweets. I am such a "duh"...LOL! But I do hope you will forgive me for being just "blonde" again..:-)

Take care sweets! Love everything on your blog!
Hugs & Love